Port of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, Europe

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Hamburg's harbour was founded by the Count of Schauenberg the 7th of May 1189

At the same time, Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa issued a privilege in order to recognize the harbour as a duty free port in Elba's shore. In year 1321 Hamburg became part of the Hanseatic league. Hamburg Port birthday is celebrated year after year around May 7th . The harbour of Hamburg is, in spite of being 110 km away from the North Sea, a sea port and the biggest of Germany, the second in Europe and, with a movement of 9,89 millions of containers, the 9th in the world. Up to 320 ships can find port here. It is really well located and it is very close to the city.
The overall surface of the harbour is 7399 hectars. In 14 century the port of Hamburg becomes the most important harbour between the Baltic and the North Sea regarding ware's movement and goods stored. At the end of 19 century Hamburg becomes the most important city as regards maritim trade in the whole european continent. In 1888 the free port is born and, with it, the still today in use warehouse district. Here the wares were not taxed before being manufactured or processed.

In 1947 the Hapag is founded, Hamburg-America lines. Therefore the port of Hamburg gets mor importance as a passengers port. Many emigrants depart from here and many Jews stay in town to reach later America.

In the harbour there are many museums which it is possible to visit, for instance, Rickmer Rickmers and Cape San Diego. Moreover it is possible to do guided visits through the port and the warehouse district or, simply, take the boat to reach other parts of the city of Hamburg.


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